VR-Racing Simulator

VR-Racing Simulator

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VR-Racing Simulator

1.Cool and passion in appearance design
Our designers in accordance with F1 racing to design,fully embodie tech fashion,automobile paint.

2.Using 4-axis electric cylinder to drive, no noise, 0 delay.

3.Follow the real car,manual operation.

Simulated F1 racing,using the most advanced force feedback steering wheel in the market;professional setting 5 gear tiptronic with paddle shifters;With all aluminum alloy material clutch, throttle, brake pedal combination.

VR-Racing Simulator

VR-racing is the latest development of vr products, which consit by cool and fashion car appearance, 360 HD rotating helmet, dynamic motion platform and exclusive high-definition game film. This is a new simulated equipment for car, which will let you Immersive and can’t stop.


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