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What immediately sets TomVR apart lies in the very nature of it’s mission:

  • To work hard with dedication and commitment for every client,
  • To fan the flames of inspiration,
  • To deliver stellar products and services, and most importantly
  • To be honest always.

We are experienced. We are unique. We are genuine. We sincerely care about each and every client, their issues, their challenges, and their triumphs.


“TomVR is committed to design excellence and the enrichment of visual communication, with a bonded understanding of the spirit of our times. As a multi-disciplinary design and web solution provider, we aspire to develop globally influential visual languages created in the digital medium.”

Our Values

We succeed only when our clients benefit from our work.
We deliver excellence with the highest standards of integrity.
We honor the dignity and value of individuals working as a team.
We seek to grow through learning and knowledge gathering.
We embrace change and encourage innovation.
TomVR creates impactful and strategic media communication solutions for marketable entities, on a global basis, by using cutting-edge creative imaging, concepts and technology. Our projects reflect an acute understanding of the branding needs and corporate equities of our clients. We rejoice in the conceptualization of visual themes and ideas in our projects that uplift, differentiate and enrich our clients.

At TomVR we embrace the synergistic relationships developed between ourselves and our business associates. Through intensive research and development we strive to constantly refine projects and ideas for our clients. We grow with the global media community and nourish ourselves with a sharp perception of the world and its graphic language.